Sarnia-Lambton Real Estate Board Education Award

(University and College Scholarship)


To recognize the academic excellence of secondary school students who wish to further their education at any University or Community College.


One education award of Two Thousand Dollars ($2,000.00) will be afforded annually.


Each candidate for the award must:

  • (a) be enrolled full-time in any University or Community College;
  • (b) be a resident Canadian citizen or landed immigrant;
  • (c) have been in attendance at an Ontario Secondary School for at least five (5) semesters, one (1) of which must have been the school year for which the award is presented.


  1. First consideration will be given to students who have attained the highest aggregates based on their best six (6) secondary school credits with a minimum of 75% and meet the eligibility requirements as set out by the Sarnia-Lambton Real Estate Board.
  2. Eligibility is to relatives of the Members of the Sarnia-Lambton Real Estate Board under the following two categories:

    Firstly: A son or daughter or dependent child of a living or deceased Broker, Sales Representative or Associate Member of the Sarnia-Lambton Real Estate Board.

    Secondly: Grandchild of a Broker, Sales Representative or Associate Member of the Sarnia-Lambton Real Estate Board.

  3. In the event of identical aggregate marks in any of the 1 or 2 above, the best four (4) Grade 12 credits will be used to rate the candidates for eligibility.
  4. The Sarnia-Lambton Real Estate Board reserves the right to review and amend the eligibility and conditions of the award on an annual basis.
  5. In the event that an eligible candidate does not apply or qualify for the scholarship award in any given year, the award shall not be presented.

Selection of Winner:

  1. The representative of Student Services in each Secondary School will submit on or before October 1st of each year to the Superintendent (or designate) at the Lambton Kent District School Board – Sarnia Office the name(s) of their candidate(s) from that school along with the required information about their marks. The winner shall be determined by the first Monday following October 1st.
  2. The name of the recipient of the Award will be recommended by the Superintendent (or designate) to the person or people in charge of the Sarnia-Lambton Real Estate Board Award, who will contact the principal of the School attended by the recipient of the Award, to make arrangements for the presentation.


  1. The Board of Directors of the Sarnia-Lambton Real Estate Board each year shall appoint the President, the Vice-President, the Chairperson of the Education Committee, or such other person, as they deem suitable to present the award to the recipient.
  2. The award shall be presented each year as soon as possible after the selection of the recipient, at any designated function of the Sarnia-Lambton Real Estate Board chosen by the Board of Directors or at school commencement.

Application forms are found here, and are to be returned to the student’s high school guidance counselor.